BG Cross

Since the downfall of Communism in the early 90’s, the Christian Church has been taking root in the nation of Bulgaria. Our pastor, Chuck Kelly, began visiting the churches in Bulgaria back in 1997 and quickly fell in love with the country. He returned in 1998 with a small team from the church. Since then, we have sent teams nearly every summer. In 2005, we began supporting the Blaga Vest church in Sofia (the nation’s capital) with their annual youth summer camp at the Black Sea. We help minister to more than 50 kids from churches across Bulgaria and Macedonia for a week. In addition, the team has visited orphanages and gypsy villages to share the love Christ. We are continually searching for new opportunities to serve the Church and share the love of God with the nation.

Our primary goal in visiting Bulgaria is to support the churches that are springing up there since the fall of Communism in the early 90’s. Protestant Christianity only accounts for about 1% of the nation’s population, while the majority of the people still claim membership in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. Unfortunately, for most of them, Orthodoxy is simply a cultural and social experience, not a spiritual one after decades of of Communist rule. Islam and Mormonism are growing rapidly, while Protestant Christianity struggles to gain acceptance.

We are not a missionary team in the traditional sense. We are not primarily seeking to evangelize the nation, but rather to encourage the churches God is raising up there and help them to reach their own people. Our heart is to serve God’s people in Bulgaria in any way that we can.